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Using the Trinity to teach a kid about love

What if we took a moment to talk about the Trinity with our children? We can learn how to love by thinking about how the Father, Son and Holy Spirit love one another? Continue reading

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Kingdom fellowship

Fellowship demands grace and forgiveness. The fact is, we are fragile people. We have cracks and scars, and none of us are free from brokenness. As we live out our fellowship in Christ Jesus, we do so with the acknowledgement that we must continually cling to the gracious love of God. Continue reading

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Hello Sweetie!

In a culture where people want to avoid conformity at any cost, how does the church respond? We claim to be a church that delights in “unity in diversity,” yet sometimes when we come together it can seem that we are expecting sameness. Perhaps, despite all our differences, we all just want to be welcomed. Continue reading

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(dis)Unity: the broken body on campus

Call me naïve, but I’ve been consistently surprised by the lack of unity between different Christian groups on campus. Continue reading

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July 21, 2013 Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

Until our meetings spend more time in Bible study and prayer than we do on discussing which lightbulbs we will purchase or how we will raise money to replace the windows, we need to be convicted by this story of Mary and Martha. Continue reading

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May 19, 2013 Day of Pentecost

The challenge with these readings, as with many like this, is to take this single, transformative event that became the birth of our church, and make it a real experience in the lives of Christians today and in how we share the good news as a Church. Continue reading

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How can ecumenism speak to our Lenten journey?

It wasn’t always easy: ours was a small community, and historical differences ran deep. Fears of “sheep stealing” hovered beneath the service. But little by little, a bake sale here and a Bible study there, some in our community began to ask why we weren’t praying together more often. And I’m still not sure I can answer that question. Continue reading

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