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Sorrowful, yet always rejoicing

The language of sin and death doesn’t bode well for filling our pews with newcomers, it would seem. We tactfully tiptoe around these words, somehow afraid that we’re being perceived as exclusive, barn-burner preachers with tightly brill-creamed hair, our voices hoarse with gnashing of teeth and hell fire, waving the holy book above our heads. Continue reading

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You need to repent

“Repent!” What does this mean? Is it just doom and gloom? Does repentance have to be about angry soap-box preachers and messages of wrath? Or is repentance something more graceful, more life giving? Continue reading

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Praying our baptismal vows (part 2)

The sacrament of baptism is more than a one-day celebration; it is a life-long commitment. Each Sunday of Lent I will offer a reflection on one of our baptismal vows. This week: “Will you persevere in resisting evil and, whenever you fall into sin, repent and return to the Lord?” Continue reading

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We are Forgiven – But Do We Repent?

Despite what we hear in advertisements, the whole world does not revolve around our individual needs. Most time we know when we have fallen into sin. Can we have the courage to do what our baptismal covenant calls us to as repent of those sins? Do we trust that God loves us even when we fall short? Continue reading

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The ‘IT’ Gift

Tucked within the commercial’s humor is the message that the ‘better’ gift is the more expensive gift. Think about it – fruitcake and sausage grinders have nothing in common. Continue reading

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