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Ministry or Publicity Stunt?

What is the difference between authentic church ministry and mere publicity stunts? What’s the difference between wanting to build community, and wanting to simply attract attention? These are thoughts I had when I heard about the “Seusscharist”. Continue reading

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Love Letters to Montrealers

These encounters are love letters I receive myself as an inhabitant of this city, as I am transformed by the practice of asking and listening to what people around me perceive as spirit, calling, life purpose, truth, and anything else that touches them deeply. Continue reading

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Video for outreach

Have you considered the use of video in your outreach ministry? I suspect that for most parishes, the answer is an unequivocal “no.” After all, maintaining a simple website and changing the letters on the parish sign is time consuming enough, right? Continue reading

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Learning from Maxwell House

Words like marketing make some people uncomfortable. But so do words like evangelism. In the end, both refer to the presentation or offer of something from one person to another. Continue reading

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Kiss Me, I’m Irish!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Whether with a patronal mass or with a green-tinted pint, let’s celebrate the spirit of St. Patrick in Christian love and joy. Let’s take a day to celebrate the unity we share – because today, we’re all Irish. Continue reading

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Video games in church?

“What is wrong with the inspiring hymns with which we grew up? When I go to church, it is to worship God, not to be distracted.” Continue reading

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Towards a Strangely Compelling Church

If our congregations are to become more attractive in any meaningful way, it will require more than some sort of ecclesial cosmetic makeover. Rather, what is called for is a renewed way of being church… Continue reading

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Permission to Fail

It’s sad, but for many churches, the most referred-to youth ministry book is entitled “Single-Digit Youth Groups.” Perhaps it’s because all too often we can see ourselves in its title. It has clear and broad applicability for small churches like … Continue reading

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