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Waiting Patiently

I’m going to Saskatoon! I have never been to a Justice Camp, CLAY, Stronger Together or a major youth gathering of any sort. I have been to lots of “adult” church stuff around the country and in my home Diocese but … Continue reading

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Locking Up the Poor: Andrew’s Response

By Andrew Stephens-Rennie This is a response to Christian Harvey’s article about the Omnibus Crime Bill that was recently passed in the House of Commons.  What time do I have, really? What time do I have to think about things … Continue reading

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The Heart of Mission

Why does a film like Crash get hold of our hearts and minds, and move us in ways that a textbook on racism never could? How is it that a week-long camp experience sends young people home with a deeper desire … Continue reading

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Troubled Waters :: Part 2

In this blog series, Christian and I will try to unpack some of the issues around short-term mission trips We’ll be using my experience as a trip organizer and leader as backdrop, and if he’s worth his salt, Christian will … Continue reading

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Legal Age

Working. Driving. Voting. We have rules about these kinds of things. We have rules, and we attach age limits to them. Depending on your province, it might look something like this: 14, 16, 18. Now then. At what age does … Continue reading

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Almost Christian

Have you noticed how passionate and articulate teenagers can be about anything except their faith? Eavesdrop on a conversation amongst teenagers and you’ll hear them talking passionately about many things: Friends. Video Games. Relationships. Celebrities. The Environment. School (well, scratch that). … Continue reading

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Troubled Waters

In February 2009, and again in February 2010, I co-led two successive trips to New Orleans. Both times, we travelled during University reading week. Both times the trip closely coincided with Mardi Gras. I wonder why the students came. Was … Continue reading

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Permission to Fail

It’s sad, but for many churches, the most referred-to youth ministry book is entitled “Single-Digit Youth Groups.” Perhaps it’s because all too often we can see ourselves in its title. It has clear and broad applicability for small churches like … Continue reading

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The Problem with Mission Trips

By Christian Harvey Last week Andrew posted a great reflection on the trouble with short term missions. This is something with which I have struggled with a lot and would like to come at it from a different angle. Most … Continue reading

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Campus Ministry as Hospitality

“Hospitality, therefore, means primarily the creation of a free space where the stranger can enter and become a friend instead of an enemy. Hospitality is not to change people, but to offer them space where change can take place. It … Continue reading

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