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Telling the Parish Story Through Narrative Budgeting

If you haven’t already started, it is time to be preparing your narrative (vision) budget for 2014. What’s that you say? The narrative budget is one that focusses on “what” you do – not “how” you do it. Continue reading

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A Good Read

Books are a significant part of my everyday life, so they are a significant part of my Christian life. The connection is easy to make when I’m reading theology or Christian literature; when I’m reading general fiction, I seek out people’s interactions searching for Christian messages. Continue reading

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Almost Christian

Have you noticed how passionate and articulate teenagers can be about anything except their faith? Eavesdrop on a conversation amongst teenagers and you’ll hear them talking passionately about many things: Friends. Video Games. Relationships. Celebrities. The Environment. School (well, scratch that). … Continue reading

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