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Epiphany 5 – Let’s go to the neighbours?

It is proper that congregations, vestries, and clergies are concerned with what happens here. But it seems that Jesus’ sense of his place and his purpose in the mission of God was more than just having a satisfactory local ministry (here). As we follow Jesus will we also take responsibility to “proclaim the message ‘there’ also”? Continue reading

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Growing community

It’s much easier to plan my own community and invite them to join. But it doesn’t work that way. In fact, I would submit that the kingdom of God doesn’t work that way either. Do you remember how frustrated Jesus’ disciples got with him when he just kept hanging around building relationships rather than taking real action? But the man knew what he was up to. Continue reading

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Not just a cutting edge app: Ryan Sim on Redeem the Commute

The Rev. Ryan Sim is a church planter who created Redeem the Commute, an app for commuters that is ultimately designed to grow a church in Ajax, Ont. I interviewed him to check in on this interesting ministry. Continue reading

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