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Step 1: Roll up Sleeves; Step 2: Implement a Mark of Mission

Recent conversations I’ve had with some Anglicans worry me. Why? It is not because I hear them promoting “me” over “we” nor it because they are losing their commitment to the church. The thing that worries me is that their meaning of “church” and mine seem to be drawing farther apart. Continue reading

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Christian Education and Outreach

Christian education provides us with a wonderful opportunity to help children learn how to connect belief and action. Linking instruction with mission opportunities allows young learners to experience the connection between what they are learning in church and the real world. Community is strengthened as children learn how to work together and develop their gifts. It also creates the opportunity to see God at work, as God has a way of multiplying our efforts and bringing transformation. These kinds of activities are exciting and build faith. Continue reading

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The Bag Lady

When I go shopping, I bring my own reusable bags rather than use plastic or paper ones provided. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s something I can do to make a difference. I see it as part of a faith-based response. Continue reading

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