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Setting a new precedent: sometimes a church needs to die in order to rise again.

Simply put, churches don’t come back from the dead. Decline is the norm. Resources are almost always dwindling. At the end of the day another set of doors will likely be closed for mission and ministry… for ever. But does this always have to be the case? Continue reading

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Step 1: Roll up Sleeves; Step 2: Implement a Mark of Mission

Recent conversations I’ve had with some Anglicans worry me. Why? It is not because I hear them promoting “me” over “we” nor it because they are losing their commitment to the church. The thing that worries me is that their meaning of “church” and mine seem to be drawing farther apart. Continue reading

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Building: A New Identity?

Although it was made clear a long time ago that God does not dwell in a temple made by human hands the spirits of those who seek and serve our Lord are surely uplifted there. No other public structure represents such solace, and a sense that we are called to something holy and greater than ourselves, than does a house of worship. Continue reading

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