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Building: A New Identity?

Although it was made clear a long time ago that God does not dwell in a temple made by human hands the spirits of those who seek and serve our Lord are surely uplifted there. No other public structure represents such solace, and a sense that we are called to something holy and greater than ourselves, than does a house of worship. Continue reading

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Remembering Katrina: community and hospitality in the midst of despair

Christian hospitality, it seems, is best lived out when we respond to generosity with thankfulness, and to that same thankfulness with generosity. Thank you, Louisiana, for so graciously teaching me about the way of discipleship. Continue reading

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Why I love the PWRDF

Why do I love the PWRDF? It’s a way for me to take my baptismal vows seriously. It’s a way that the church is responding in love to the world, in a manner that reflects who we are as Christians and what we believe God is calling us to do. Continue reading

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