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The Rev. Alex Parsons

About The Rev. Alex Parsons

Alex graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 2001 with a degree in Palaeontology and then in 2007 received an MDiv from the College of Emmanuel St Chad. In 2008 he was ordained, initially serving the Greater Parish of Watrous, and is currently interim rector of Quillview Parish. Before becoming the Diocesan Stewardship Officer Alex was the Eastern Regional Dean for the Diocese of Saskatoon. He has operated a cleaning/renovation business since 1989 and run a restaurant prior to that. Alex and Shelley have raised four boys with one, Ted, still at home. Puddles the dog, along with two cats, Big Boy and Tarkus, join them to round out the family. Alex enjoys hiking, rock collecting, cooking, reading and visiting. His passion for driving comes in handy for far flung visits and makes travelling throughout the diocese a perk rather than a chore.

Be a Stewardship Somebody

Stewardship education is a slow process, in spite of all the wonderful resources at our disposal. Resources that are growing steadily in number and quality yet are still under-utilised, and in many cases unknown. Nobody has heard of them yet they should be shared with everybody. Anybody can do it and for sure somebody has to. Continue reading

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Emotional Stewardship

It is disturbing how the swirl of emotion, the feelings of guilt, the “what ifs” all rush to the front. Each thought falls like water from a dripping tap, especially when trying to get a little sleep, joltingly focusing attention on the problem and nothing else. Peace becomes just a word, not a state of mind, and the question arises how does one regain it? Continue reading

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Building: A New Identity?

Although it was made clear a long time ago that God does not dwell in a temple made by human hands the spirits of those who seek and serve our Lord are surely uplifted there. No other public structure represents such solace, and a sense that we are called to something holy and greater than ourselves, than does a house of worship. Continue reading

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Practical Spirituality

By stepping out from where he stood Weston got so many others invested in helping build aircraft that the project took on a life of its own . . . touching people in virtually every community in Canada. Continue reading

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