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Zero Dark Thirty Reflects the Darkness of our own Making

A scene from Zero Dark Thirty, which has been described as “morally tone deaf on the issue of torture and interrogation.”

Here’s a good perspective and a deep challenge to us as a society, on the Academy Award nominated film “Zero Dark Thirty”.  

Authors Mary Jo Leddy and Marina Nemat serve on the advisory committee of Action by Christians for the Abolition of Torture (ACAT-Toronto).

Zero Dark Thirty’s Crucial Lesson on Torture.”



Judy Steers

About Judy Steers

Judy Steers is the Coordinator for Youth Initiatives for the Anglican Church of Canada. Since 1999, she has also been the program director of the “Ask & Imagine” youth theology and leadership program at Huron University College. Her ministry has included camping ministries, consulting and teaching, parish ministry and she is a trainer with Godly Play Canada. Whenever possible she engages her passions for singing, drumming, outdoor adventure, off-the-wall ideas and whimsical creativity into her life and ministry working with teens and young adults, including two of her own.
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