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This week I invite us to return to the truer, deeper understanding of the word “blessing,” to realize that it is not synonymous with “lucky.” I invite us to use the word with care and intentionality. Continue reading

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Blessing seaweed

Did you know there was a Celtic blessing for the Harvesting of Seaweed? There is also one for the answering of phone calls. How do we involve our faith in the mundane areas of our lives? Continue reading

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Love with courage

We are called to love: fully, completely, illogically, genuinely. Love as Christ first loved us, love as the world so often does not, love as Christians have for millennia. Love with courage. Continue reading

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Blessing Chalk and Proclaiming Easter – It’s Epiphany!

Blessing chalk to use to bless our homes, and proclaiming the date of Easter–what customs of the Church support and enrich your life? What customs do you wish were more widespread? Continue reading

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