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Nothing left to do but sing:  The Hip’s Farewell Tour

It doesn’t feel like one person’s illness—even if they are famous—should be so newsworthy… Human mortality isn’t actually news, and it is naïve to suggest it is. And yet, “There is nothing left to do but sing.” Continue reading

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Everyone is searching

Followed by crowds of needy people, Jesus must have wondered about some of the things done by those who looked for him. But when the disciples came to Jesus and told Jesus that everyone was searching for him, how did Jesus respond? He said, “let’s go to more towns and find more of those needy people to search for me.” Why? Continue reading

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Truth and Reconciliation Commission event: Edmonton

From March 27 to 20, Indigenous and non-Indigenous people will come together in Edmonton, Alberta for the seventh and final national Truth and Reconciliation Commission event. Continue reading

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