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Prayers celebrating a dead fish

Grief over the death of a pet is real and complicated and lacks the formal markers that are so important to us as we gather for a Christian funeral What are some of the times you’ve been delighted to have liturgical ways of marking important pastoral moments with those you love and serve? Continue reading

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Nothing on my tongue but hallelujah: thank you, Leonard Cohen

Thank you, Leonard Cohen. Rest in peace and rise in glory. Continue reading

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Nothing left to do but sing:  The Hip’s Farewell Tour

It doesn’t feel like one person’s illness—even if they are famous—should be so newsworthy… Human mortality isn’t actually news, and it is naïve to suggest it is. And yet, “There is nothing left to do but sing.” Continue reading

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Audrey Conard

The church lost a priest and I lost a friend this week—The Reverend Canon Audrey Conard. Audrey was a colleague, mentor and friend. Continue reading

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The refugee crisis and that picture

The picture. Yes—“that” picture that started circulating yesterday of the 3 year old boy washed up on the beach in Turkey. One of God’s children without hope is too many and every refugee on this God given earth, is one of God’s children. Continue reading

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Grandma is now sharing in God’s eternal life, and it’s not even just about that. It’s about the possibility of what our lives are for. It’s about a God who chooses to be powerful in our world because now and again there is an open heart that finds the capacity to say yes. Let it be with me according to your word. Continue reading

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What should I say?

A helpful article “Dealing With Grief: Five Things NOT To Say And Five Things To Say In A Trauma Involving Children ” Continue reading

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