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“The days are surely coming, says the Lord”

The story of God is new life after death. The story of God is the story of hope, even when there should be none. The Spirit has a role for you and me in the world that is coming, even if we don’t know what that role is. Continue reading

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Plump squirrels and climate change

Extremely plump squirrels, and summer flies in the middle of December seem rather insignificant. That is, until we realize the interconnectedness of it all. Continue reading

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We are water

Our daily lives depend on water for myriad of functions and activities. Not only do we rely on water for our physical existence, it is crucial for our ecological, economic, social, and spiritual wellbeing. Continue reading

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Why I care for creation

How do you care for creation in your daily life, and what does it mean for us to “care for creation?” Continue reading

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