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Change us into his likeness

Lent is about journeying into the miraculous freedom of Easter. Fasting and abstinence are not intended to be self improvement plans, like losing 10 pounds for summer swim wear, or to be rewarded for our heroic ascetic achievement. Continue reading

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What can the church do in light of horrors like Mosul? How about a Fast? On August 23rd, will you engage in a day-long fast in order to echo the mourning around the world, and to plead for God to act mightily? Continue reading

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Underneath the Lenten Fast

…fasting is not just about refusing to eat our favourite foods, or drink our favourite drinks. It’s not a a more spiritual way to go on a diet, or to reduce our TV time. Continue reading

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Lent with extra Cheese

While the culture encourages us to build life upon the altar of our own enjoyments, in Lent we actively limit our enjoyments. After all, what is more diametrically opposed to a self-pleasing culture than a time of fasting self-denial? Continue reading

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