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Male privilege

Straight white men have it easier than other people. I don’t like it but it’s true. It’s hard for me to admit that my position and achievements in life may be facilitated by something other than my own merit. But that’s true too. Continue reading

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Entangled: Gender and Ministry

In a time when many are growing tired of gender-based distinctions and rallying against such false and insulting judgments , does the church still define ministry by gender? Continue reading

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Everyday Sexism

Casual, everyday sexism remains common in our culture, for both women and men. We know that this behaviour is inexcusable and offensive. We in the church have not only an opportunity but a responsibility to address these issues. It’s not easy, it’s not comfortable, but sexism is not something that Jesus would tolerate. The church needs to be a place to celebrate that God’s grace and love is not dependent on gender roles. Continue reading

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