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Lord, don’t give me strength

In juggling a life full of responsibilities, as in facing illness, the only way out of the circles is in realizing that being stronger isn’t going to get me through. I need to figure out the hope inherent in being weak. Continue reading

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The check-up

Our spiritual health is as important as our physical health; we could all do with a check-up now and then. Continue reading

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Laying Fallow

Letting land lie fallow is a tried and true methodology. It benefits the soil for long term use and support, it benefits the future growth. It’s a good thing. Maybe the church could learn from it. Continue reading

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Sometimes being adaptable enough to make a minor adjustment can mean the difference between welcoming a new member or inadvertently denying them a worshiping community Continue reading

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The blessedness of not choosing.

Many people today approach matters of faith like choosing the appropriate flu medication. Faith exist along a long spiritual shelf for which one is able to pick and choose that which best fits their own symptoms and desires. Continue reading

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