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Love and sacrifice

Christ’s love was made known by freely giving his life away in teaching, healing, serving, and death: all without obligation or encumbrance. Acknowledging that means that freely striving to make the right sacrifices is part of my calling, and communicates love in a way that very little else does. Continue reading

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Should ordination be a sacrament?

The particular role of the ordained is imbued with the gifts of the Spirit just as every other particular calling of the baptized is, whether custodian, Sunday school teacher, nurse, chorister, mother, father, paver, social worker, bartender or politician. Why don’t we consecrate them? Continue reading

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Called to this moment

As the aspects of our lives shift and flow and change, so to does our response to God’s call in our lives. Responding to that changing call requires both ongoing discernment and flexibility. But when it is work that responds to God’s will, it will always be right, and surprising, and worth celebrating. Continue reading

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