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‘Get woke’

The hardest work any of us will ever do is to go deep into the parts of ourselves that we hide and that we hide from ourselves. Continue reading

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Who is our King?

Maybe asking this question is a prudent task this Advent. An invitation to reflect, transform, release, and wait. Wait and confess our role in upholding images that have been to our benefit. Wait and reclaim an image that seeks to emerge and normalize. Wait and enable truthful images to grow and take hold. Continue reading

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Better not easier

Exploring the depth, joy, and richness of our siblings will take work. It will take discipline, mutual support, and mutual love. It won’t be easier. But it will be better. Continue reading

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June 30, 2013 Sixth Sunday after Pentecost

This week, as Nelson Mandela lies gravely ill in hospital, the readings speak to me of the joy and the heavy price of freedom. Continue reading

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