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Campfire to… font?

After a few moments of being seduced by a comfy chair and a maybe a beverage, the world around us diminishes, literally. The aperture of the pupil constricts from the bright light, and especially on a cloudy or foggy night, we can see only what is illuminated by the perimeter of the firelight. The world beyond the possibilities: all of creation is in darkness. Continue reading

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Summer perseverance (learning from my 10-yr-old self)

Summer in chaplaincy has taught me that when God calls us to ministry- whatever form that takes- God is not first calling us to be flashy, funny, or fantastic. When God calls us to ministry, we are first called to perseverance and presence. Continue reading

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Too Hot for Vestments?

How does the community you serve deal with “thermal lagging”–the difference between what’s sensible to wear, and the vestments that are what we use as we gather for worship? Continue reading

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What to do with the kids in the summer?

The need to keep children and their families engaged in the worshipping life of the Christian community no matter what time of the year is paramount for healthy Christian communities. The question then arises how to make that happen? Continue reading

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