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Lent studies from around the church

Light through the trees

So I wrote a short web story about good Lent resources that are available (in full or in part) online. The full story is available on anglican.ca, but here’s a roundup of the top ones our web team found: 

1. The Diocese of Montreal’s Marks of Mission study

2. Reflections from the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund

3. Canadian Council of Churches: The Bruised Reed

4. Church of England: Love Life Live Lent

So what are you planning for your personal or parish practices? Share your thoughts in the forum.

Ali Symons

About Ali Symons

Ali formerly served as senior editor at the Anglican Church of Canada. Her work included writing news articles, producing multimedia pieces, and helping people figure out how to tell their stories. "Zoom in: I fix em dashes. Zoom out: I help share the Good News."
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