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Peter Wall

About Peter Wall

Peter Wall has been Rector of the Cathedral and Dean of Niagara since 1998. As Dean, he is responsible for the overall life of the Cathedral parish and takes an active role in the leadership of the Diocese. Peter has been very involved in the church beyond the Cathedral and Niagara, having served on the Council of General Synod, the national Faith Worship and Ministry Committee, the Board of Directors of the Anglican Foundation of Canada and on the national Liturgy Task Force. He currently serves as Anglican Co-Chair of the Anglican-Lutheran Commission for Canada, as well as continuing his work with ‘The Three Cantors’.

It’s A Privilege to be Asked

The church is every bit as deserving (I would say a whole lot more) than all those other groups who call on me for my money. It is a real privilege to be asked. It is a real privilege to give! Continue reading

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It all starts (and started) with God looking at a blank canvass onto which He imposed creation and, thereby, gave us all that we have. All that we have! Continue reading

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