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Clearing spiritual clutter

Spiritual clutter is anything that drains the vibrancy of our faith or restricts us from living fully in God’s love and grace. Continue reading

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Popular Distractions

if I see the times of worship, meditation and quietness as places where I miss out on the latest pop-culture gossip, then the opposite must hold true as well; Filling up my free time with these things means that I possibly miss out on the grand things of God which can be found in stillness and quietness. In the rush to social media and celebrity gossip, could I be effectually leaving myself deaf to God’s voice? Continue reading

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Decluttering can be difficult process, where we have to let go. We have to prioritise what will stay and what will not. This is not just a physical reality, our spiritual lives sometimes need to be decluttered to prevent a lot of extra stuff from distracting our connection with God. Continue reading

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