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Take care

Busy? Exhausted? A message from The Community’s friendly parish administrator: “we’re still here, and our door is always open.” Continue reading

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Ignoring the “mustn’t”

I wonder how many of us continue to live under the “you mustn’t” and “don’t even try,” having believed whoever said it to us years ago. I wonder how much ministry might be possible if we overcame the “you can’t”s of our histories. Continue reading

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God is a Blue Jays’ fan, right?

“…. and thank you for letting the Blue Jays win tonight,” my daughter Cecilia prayed at bedtime after the Jays won Game Five of the American League Division Series to advance to the Championships… In the end, what I Lift Up is laughter. God is a Jays’ Fan in the same way that God is a Martha Fan. Continue reading

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“This is a compliment call”

In a world that’s ready to offer complaint, sharing an encouraging word can be the right thing to do. Continue reading

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The Power of Words

Last year I attended a presentation by a poet who made a very simple statement: “Every word matters.” I challenge us to be aware of the power of our own words, of how our choice of words will reflect who and whose we are, and reflect how we present ourselves, our communities, our faith. Continue reading

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