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Thank you

As you prepare for the upcoming year with children, may your understanding be filled with the light of the resurrected Christ. May there be that much love in what you do: love that is given to you, and love that comes from you. Thanks to you, the lamp of your church’s commitment to children cannot be extinguished. Never stop. Continue reading

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Saying Thank You

Today I’m blogging with a personal expression of gratitude. It’s nice sometimes to have a forum – like this blog – to be able to share things like this. So today I say thank you as I experience, profoundly, the presence of the living Christ in my life. And I pray that you find something to say thank you for. Continue reading

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A song for teachers

To all those who teach in our churches – Thank you Continue reading

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To all who volunteer in children’s ministry- thank you

Because of your faithful service our church is able to pass on the faith to future generations. You help us reach out to families and change lives with the gospel. You teach these young disciples that church is fun and show them that God has a sense of humor. Each week you greet the children with a smile and welcome their thoughts, ideas, and creativity. As you do this you model God’s unconditional love and acceptance. Children’s understanding of God comes largely from their experiences at church, so God’s love becomes real as the children experience your patience, compassion and understanding. Continue reading

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