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The song of joy

The truth of scripture is that while you sleep, or just go about with your life, God comes to you. God takes you in God’s own arms, rocks you in His joy, and sings. Continue reading

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Entering Starbucks and Finding Worship

There is almost a spiritual communion that occurs between barista and customer, a communion in which the customer is indispensable. The one coming into Starbucks is not merely called to experience wonder, but to create it; to join into the drama of the production; to infuse the experience with their own sense of personality, expectation, and dreams. Continue reading

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Preaching through heartbreak: Newtown

It is at times like this I want to cry, “There is nothing to say. Just stop talking and listen to the silent sound of hearts breaking.” And, yet, dear preachers, it is our task to speak. And, so, what do we say? Continue reading

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What Makes a Funeral

I’ve been at and part of funerals that have, in the midst of very real sorrow, made that hope and joy palpable—in singing, in brilliantly told stories and preached sermons, in music.  While it’s clearly grace when it works, it’s also the dint of effort and a special alchemy of gifts coming together. And so I’m curious.  What stories do you have to share about truly special funerals, when you felt that joy of the good news of Christ’s resurrection in the midst of the sorrow of those gathered? Was there some special moment that made you feel it? What helped that joy and hope to come alive for you? Continue reading

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