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Sharon Harding

About Sharon Harding

I was born in England and immigrated to Canada almost 30 years ago. A graduate of Gloucestershire University (B.Ed.), I have been involved in children’s ministry since I was 16. Over the past 12 years I have written for a variety of Christian Education curriculum resources. I also write a blog at encouraging parents to build strong connections with their children. When I am not working I enjoy painting, reading, and pottering around the Internet.

Do we have the guts to confuse and perplex our learners?

If we have the guts to confuse our students, perplex them and evoke real questions…. then we as teachers have information that we can use to tailor robust and informed methods of blended instruction. Continue reading

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I’d like to hear from you

For the last eight months I have posted on a variety of topics and have offered links to resources that I hope were helpful.Now it’s your turn. What would you like to see on the children’s ministry blog? Continue reading

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To all who volunteer in children’s ministry- thank you

Because of your faithful service our church is able to pass on the faith to future generations. You help us reach out to families and change lives with the gospel. You teach these young disciples that church is fun and show them that God has a sense of humor. Each week you greet the children with a smile and welcome their thoughts, ideas, and creativity. As you do this you model God’s unconditional love and acceptance. Children’s understanding of God comes largely from their experiences at church, so God’s love becomes real as the children experience your patience, compassion and understanding. Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Parish Councils and Church Leadership

As congregations we need to be talking about how we welcome and treat young families. I believe the conversation needs to start with you. Continue reading

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Guest Post – Dear Parents With Young Children in Church.

When we teach children that their worship matters, we teach them that they are enough right here and right now as members of the church community. They don’t need to wait until they can believe, pray or worship a certain way to be welcome here, and I know adults who are still looking to be shown that. It matters that children learn that they are an integral part of this church, that their prayers, their songs, and even their badly (or perfectly timed depending on who you ask) cries and whines are a joyful noise because it means they are present. Continue reading

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The Power of Words

“Your words set up a chain of events beyond your control and which you would never know. One word can destroy beliefs, harden hearts, or cultivate hatred, but they can also demonstrate faith, display forgiveness, and at the end nurture love.The power of life and death lies in a single word. And we, the image of God, have this great power in one word.” How are your words affecting the children in your church? Continue reading

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Pentecost Joy

It’s Pentecost! Yipeee! I love everything about Pentecost, the colours, the stories, and the joy. This Sunday of all Sundays invites us to celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit with all the joy and enthusiasm we can muster! Enjoy your celebration with the children and don’t forget to affirm that the Holy Spirit is with us now. Here are two children’s talks for Pentecost Sunday and a few resources to enhance your celebrations. Continue reading

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When Mother’s Day Hurts

A few years ago I sat across from a woman who told me she doesn’t go to church on Mother’s Day because it is too hurtful. I’m not a mother, but I had never seen the day as hurtful. She had been married, had numerous miscarriages, divorced and was beyond child-bearing years. It was like salt in mostly healed wounds to go to church on that day. This made me sad, but I understood. Continue reading

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Soft Spaces

Notice that it is the adults of the existing congregation who are challenged to do what it takes to provide a welcoming community and sense of belonging. We need be talking about how can we create a sense of welcome for families. We might have to ask some hard questions. What is working? What changes should we make? How do we create accessible spaces where families feel at home during worship? What can we do to demonstrate to children and families that they truly belong? Continue reading

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Looking After Your Volunteers

Volunteers are vital to all Christian Education programs. Not many churches have the budget to pay for staff, so recruiting and retaining volunteers is an important part of children’s ministry. In our increasingly busy society it is getting hard to find volunteers. Once you have managed to recruit some you really want to keep them with you for as long as possible. The best way to do this is to look after your volunteers really well. Continue reading

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