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If we can carve out time for Zumba, surely carving out time for church is also possible? We haven’t figured out what commitment looks like without either persecution or Christendom. Continue reading

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Let’s face it. No one had to show up this morning.

No one had to show up this morning.

Our society does not demand that any of them be here this morning. It doesn’t even demand that you be here this morning. There are lots of other good things to do. There are many other places to be fulfilled; other churches, temples, charity runs and nature walks to name a few. There is sleep. There are yummy eggs benedict and fun purple rubber ducks. Continue reading

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As we enter into the season of Easter, having spent Lent reflecting on our baptismal vows, let us consider and celebrate the sacrament of Baptism. Continue reading

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One would not expect to be able to complete a physically demanding endurance exercise without training. One hopes that as Christians we spiritually prepare ourselves for the endurance exercise that is life. Continue reading

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Is it time for a personal stewardship audit?

It’s time to come clean. When you vote on a financial decision that involves increasing the parish budget do you do so with your own commitment in mind? Continue reading

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Card-Carrying Membership: Gold Status!

Now I am not suggesting that we start handing out Anglican Gold Cards, or enter into the process of ‘after 12 tithes you get the 13th free!’ Yet when is the last time that we offered a ‘thank-you’ for the individuals who attend our churches?
Continue reading

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March 17, 2013 Fifth Sunday in Lent

If I was any good at coming up with sermon titles, my title for this week would be, “What has God done for you lately?” All of our readings recall God’s saving power and compassion. Continue reading

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