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Martha Tatarnic

About Martha Tatarnic

The Reverend Martha Tatarnic serves as the rector of St. George’s Anglican Church in St. Catharines. Previously, she has served in congregations in Orillia and Oakville. Her focus in congregational leadership has been in empowering justice initiatives and outreach in the small church, starting a new service, the possibilities and potentials of Anglican-Lutheran partnership, and forming disciples through the power of music. As a young mother navigating family life through the continually changing waters of modern-day life, she is passionate about connecting the dots between faith – worship - Scripture, and exploring the concerns, joys, questions, stresses, worries, celebrations, of Right Here, Right Now.

Does God require sacrifice?

Our Christian faith does need to be liberated from the safe realm of the private and polite and to connect our love for God with sacrificial living that dares to carry communal implications. Our devotion to the Creator should implicate our voices to speak out, our bodies to act out, for the life of the planet, the air we breathe, the water we need, the land we live on, our neighbours who are suffering. Continue reading

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In praise of life in the fast lane

I question how this story gets used to give the raw end of the deal to those, like Martha, who are busy with the hustle and bustle. Mary may have picked the better part, but she did not pick the only part. What about “the harvest is great, but the labourers are few?” Continue reading

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I love snow days!

There is something reclaimed on snow days, something that has slipped away from our grasp without our realizing it, and for just an instant when the watches and warnings start to file in from Environment Canada, about which we are reminded. I will religious words to describe what it is that we’ve lost: Sabbath, festival, congregation. Continue reading

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Needles, 911, and a wake-up call

Last Wednesday night, our evening worship was brought to a grinding halt by a medical emergency, and I had a powerful encounter with Jesus—although I didn’t know it at the time. Continue reading

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Salt, Soup Sunday and a YES vote | Dream project blog: part eight

That is what this has always been about: it’s not about Grace’s survival or St. George’s growth. It’s not about downsizing or upsizing. It’s not even about a whole community finding a new home. It’s about the hope and expectation that there are so many others out there who need to hear the invitation to find their place at the table. Continue reading

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The cable company and the Kingdom of God

Where do multiple calls to technical support, hours of frustration, and accusations of fraud lead? In the grand scheme of things, it seems that the dehumanizing nature of corporate culture calls us to consider the Gospel in the choices we make: because “to be human is to be marked for and by love.” Continue reading

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Are we in uncharted waters? Dream project blog: part seven

Uncharted water is the course of the church. Period. We can remind one another of the lessons we have learned along the way that allow us to find joy and peace and chart our course, even on the choppy waters of life and even into—and, yes, out of—the eye of the storm. Continue reading

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Accounting for hope: an update from the Water Project in Pikangikum

The work before us remains daunting. And Pikangikum is just one of around 80 communities in this country that face similar water challenges. Continue reading

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Why I am Anglican | Dream project blog: part six

What I personally need in my walk with Jesus would seem to have very little to do with church merger conversations. Yet I am going to say that unless such a conversation is not ultimately about being better able to share the love and Good News of Jesus, then I’m simply not interested. Continue reading

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Nothing on my tongue but hallelujah: thank you, Leonard Cohen

Thank you, Leonard Cohen. Rest in peace and rise in glory. Continue reading

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