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Ministry or Publicity Stunt?

What is the difference between authentic church ministry and mere publicity stunts? What’s the difference between wanting to build community, and wanting to simply attract attention? These are thoughts I had when I heard about the “Seusscharist”. Continue reading

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We are Forgiven – But Do We Repent?

Despite what we hear in advertisements, the whole world does not revolve around our individual needs. Most time we know when we have fallen into sin. Can we have the courage to do what our baptismal covenant calls us to as repent of those sins? Do we trust that God loves us even when we fall short? Continue reading

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Emblem or watermark? Christian presence in society

A cross does not make me a Christian. I do not wear a cross, nor do I have a cross tattooed on my body. My Christian life and witness are revealed in my actions within the world. All I do reflects my Christian identity, and my attempts to faithfully respond to God in Christ Jesus. Continue reading

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In the Breaking of Bread…

Baptism is very much a sacrament which is rooted in belonging to a wider family. We gather regularly around the table and often we hear the same stories told again and again. It is in the retelling of the stories that we come to know who we are and who we have been as a people. It is hearing those stories retold That gives us hope for our future. Simply put, we cannot know who we are and we cannot discover who we are becoming if we do not gather together as community around our table. Continue reading

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Digital Faithfulness

Now, some may see that faithful online presence necessitates the endless quoting of Bible verses and praise-songs. But is that solely what it means to have a Christian presence online? Is our Christian presence simply limited to the times where we post some religious shtick? Continue reading

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Surrender Your Poverty

So whatever our poverty may be; insecurity, lack of material wealth, addiction, low self esteem, loneliness, we have to surrender it and understand whose we are. ‘Whether we understand it or not, God loves us, is present in us, lives in us, dwells in us, calls us, saves us and offers us an understanding and compassion which are like nothing we have ever found in a book or heard in a sermon.’ That is Good News indeed! Continue reading

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Card-Carrying Membership: Gold Status!

Now I am not suggesting that we start handing out Anglican Gold Cards, or enter into the process of ‘after 12 tithes you get the 13th free!’ Yet when is the last time that we offered a ‘thank-you’ for the individuals who attend our churches?
Continue reading

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Called to this moment

As the aspects of our lives shift and flow and change, so to does our response to God’s call in our lives. Responding to that changing call requires both ongoing discernment and flexibility. But when it is work that responds to God’s will, it will always be right, and surprising, and worth celebrating. Continue reading

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From Here and There – Identity and Openness in Community

If one cannot identify Newfoundland and Labrador as where you’re from, instantly the conclusion is, you are a CFA, (come from away). Many times in this instance, the conversations and sharing changes, for there is little hope of sorting out family history, common friends, or a common history. Whether we are from here, or from there, however, identity is essential in the Christian journey. Continue reading

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Both home and abroad

Coordinating baptism preparation with both parents is difficult when one works in the oil industry, and may be in Saudi Arabia, Northern British Columbia, Brazil, or the Gulf of Mexico at any given time. Continue reading

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